Organizing Committee

Nigar Akhundova

Head of the Organizing Committee

Dear friends,
My name is Nigar and I am the Head of the Organizing Committee of 75th International Council Meeting Baku. Ever since my first ICM in Prague, 2017 I always thought about how amazing it would be to organize ICM in Baku. They said - “Dreams come true”, well, they did! Now here we are, only 103 days away from the promisingly one of the most amazing weeks of your life. I am the happiest Head of Organizing Committee to have such an amazing team. We are preparing everything for you, and making sure that everything will go as smoothly as possible. “Beauty lies in the details” – prepare yourselves, ICM Baku is coming!

Shahin Hasanzada

Co-Head of the Organizing Committee

Dear friends,
My name is Shahin and I am the Co-Head of Organizing Committee of 75th International Council Meeting Baku.
We as a team, are trying our best to prepare Baku for the best ICM of the history. Hard working Organizing Committee, magnificent parties, starry nights and beautiful city are waiting for you. Are you ready to feel full ELSA Spirit again?!

Elkhan Aliyev

Responsible for Social Programme

Hi ELSA people,
I am  Elxan  – responsible for social programme during ICM Baku. We are granting that this ICM will be completely different. I am personally granting you we will party so hard that our PARTYcipants will not remember anything! We will have the social part of this ICM in the best nightclubs of the city. So get ready, ICM is coming!

Salima Ismayilzada

Director for Public Relations

It is my greatest joy and utmost pleasure to welcome you all as a PR Director of 75th International Council Meeting Baku.
My name is  Salima Ismayilzada  and as mentioned above, PR Director of 75th International Council Meeting Baku. I started my ELSA path in August 2017 and since then I gained a lot of knowledge, experience and certainly, many new friends. ELSA has always manifested itself as one of the most innovative and life-changing platform for youths and I totally believe that ICM Baku will be the most unforgettable and remarkable event in the history of ELSA. Thus, now, it is our time to take the lead and the responsibility. It is my distinct pleasure to be entrusted with vision of my predecessors. I am looking forward to share this unforgettable experience and to do my best to contribute for all together.

Murad Ismayilov

Head of Transport and Responsible for Financial Management

Hi! I am Murad, Head of Transport and Responsible for Financial Management. You can be absolutely sure about your money being safe in my hands and yourselves driven everywhere comfortably and in time. After ICM Baku it would not only be post-ICM Depression staying afterwatds, but also wonderful memories and unforgettable emotions, that would remain forever.

Javid Safarov

Head of Logistics

I am Javid​ and I am Head of Logistics throughout ICM Baku. Hope you are as over the moon to be a part of such a magnificent event in lively Baku as I am! I wanna assure all of you that you will indulge in every moment of this event here, wonderful city and undoubtedly, me and my experienced team are gonna do their best, thereby fulfilling your expectations.

Rahil Mammadov and Elnara Ismayilova

Responsible for Accommodation

We, Rahil and  Elnara , are Responsible for Acommodation. Keep calm, because the best is yet to come. We can guarantee you that you'll have a great time here in Baku. The whole team is motivated and well-trained to ensure all your needs. We are looking foward to see you!

Zeynab Karimova

Responsible for Communication

Warmest greetings from the Land of Fire!
I am Zeynab and I am Responsible for Communication! I will make sure, that you get every little piece of information, you are willing to know about the greatest event in the Network. Save the date, because this thing you don't want to miss!